Our third-party risk management, internal control, and compliance management solutions are tailored to help you comply with the Network and Information Security Directive 2 (NIS-2) with efficiency and ease.

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3 most common challenges and our solutions

Your challenge #1

Visibility, analysis and monitoring of third parties and associated risks

Organisations nowadays do business with thousands of third parties. These third parties are increasingly involved in the execution of critical business processes. Keeping an overview of the entire third party landscape is not simple, but essential considering evolving threats and emerging regulatory compliance requirements such as NIS-2. Many organisations struggle to promptly identify, assess, manage and monitor (third-party) risks.

Our solution #1

TPRM module

Our collaborative platform keeps a real-time watch over your third-party landscape, ensuring you’re always in the know. Should any concern or issue arise with any of your third parties, the platform promptly alerts you, empowering you to take timely and informed actions. Beyond that, smart automation is used to engage and unburden internal stakeholders and third parties with third-party risk management activities. It streamlines the third-party due diligence process by automating tasks like dispatching and analysing self-assessments.

Your challenge #2

Engaging stakeholders with risk management activities

Effective internal control and risk management are foundational for an organisation’s profitability and success. However, engaging internal teams in these processes can be challenging due to a lack of understanding, inadequate communication, or resistance to change. A user friendly platform that promotes awareness and action is needed to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the internal control environment and timely remediate any issues.

Our solution #2

Internal Control module

Our Internal Control module fosters a culture of accountability and awareness by providing an intuitive and collaborative environment where teams can easily perform internal control and risk management activities. It encourages teams to actively participate in the risk management process by leveraging gamification elements and using modern communication channels such as Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Your challenge #3

Lack of a third-party risk management capability for NIS-2 compliance

In today's fast-paced and highly competitive labor market, securing risk professionals can be both challenging and expensive. This is especially true as organisations grapple with challenges across various risk domains, striving to mitigate emerging risks and manage the rising number of compliance requirements. Many organisations have little or no capacity for conducting third-party risk management.

Our solution #3

TPRM as a service

For organisations that choose to manage NIS-2 compliance in house, our platform acts as an intuitive platform, streamlining third-party due diligence processes and making follow-up and monitoring straightforward. Its design ensures that teams can quickly familiarise themselves with its features, reducing the learning curve and allowing for immediate implementation. For organisations that are inclined to outsource these tasks, we have established partnerships with renowned partners who have a deep understanding of NIS-2 and excel in leveraging our platform’s capabilities to comply with this regulation.

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Janneke Coopmans
"Thanks to 3rdRisk's technology, risk management and the execution of controls have become something for the entire organisation. Our stakeholders in the business are now much more involved in executing and testing controls. Risk awareness has improved. That's a huge gain."
Farida Fouad
de Bijenkorf
"You don't need any training at all to understand the 3rdRisk platform. Everything is self-explanatory. Moreover, it looks very intuitive and sleek – it feels as though it's a tool that has been specially developed for de Bijenkorf."
Nick DeFreitas
"The implementation felt like a true partnership. It seemed as if we extended our team to include you, and you took on the majority of the work, guiding us every step of the way. Your support was invaluable in helping us succeed”
Sem J. de Spa
"3rdRisk is genuinely an innovative technology scale-up. They've tailored their platform to match the real needs of the end users. Its integrations and design make the system navigation easy and fun, which is unique for risk and compliance technology."
Dave van Gulik
Trust Alliance
"3rdRisk is our go-to platform for risk and compliance management. Why? Because it's based on the latest standards in our field, highly flexible, intuitive, and pleasant to work with, and very accessible to our clients, from multinationals to large SMEs."


In the overview below, we have listed the most frequently asked questions and answers. Do you still have questions? Just reach out to one of our experts.

Can I effectively manage third-party risks with 3rdRisk without having a dedicated team?

Yes. By using the TPRM module of the 3rdRisk platform, you can already assess and monitor up to 100 third parties with only a few hours a week. In addition, you can also decide to outsource third-party risk management or internal control activities. For organisations that are inclined to outsource these tasks, we have established partnerships with renowned partners who are well-versed in leveraging our platform’s capabilities allowing them to deliver excellent quality at a competitive price.

Do I need training to operate the 3rdRisk platform?

No. No training or certification is required to operate the 3rdRisk platform. For organisations that choose to manage their internal control or third-party risk management program in-house, our platform acts as an intuitive platform, streamlining processes and making follow-up and monitoring straightforward. Its design ensures that teams can quickly familiarise themselves with its features, reducing the learning curve and allowing for immediate implementation.

Why should I comply with NIS-2?

For organisations that fall under NIS-2, compliance is a critical task. Non-compliance with NIS-2 could result in substantial fines, up to 2% of the annual turnover. More importantly, adhering to NIS-2 guidelines is essential to ensure digital security and prevent cyberattacks. NIS-2 mandates organisations to elevate their digital security and adapt to the growing threats of cybercrime.

What sectors are in scope of NIS-2?

NIS-2 targets entities operating in critical sectors such as energy, transportation, healthcare, and financial services, but also other sectors crucial to the ongoing function of the economy and society:

  • Healthcare
  • Transport
  • Digital infrastructure
  • Water supply
  • Energy
  • Digital service providers
  • Data centers
  • Providers of public electronic communication services
  • Water management
  • Manufacturing of medical devices and chemicals
  • Food
  • Space
  • Postal administration
  • Public administrations

What is NIS-2?

NIS-2 legislation builds on previous NIS regulations and aims to enhance the security of network and information systems within the European Union. This requires member states to identify and implement appropriate security measures. The primary objective? Reduce cyberattack risks and limit their impact.

Does 3rdRisk integrate with procurement systems?

Yes, our platform has (API) integrations with the most commonly used procurement system, like SAP ARIBA, Coupa or Oracle.

Still have a question?

Our experts are always here to help you out.