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One platform to confidently run your risk operations.

We provide an all-in-one cloud platform that streamlines your third-party risk and compliance operations, enabling you to focus on identifying and mitigating supplier risks with ease and confidence.

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All-in-one supplier risk platform


Get a full overview of your third parties

Our third-party catalogue connects seamlessly with your internal procurement systems and external data feeds, creating a centralised overview of your entire third-party landscape. This comprehensive view includes everything you need to know: from contracts and specific characteristics of each third party to their contact details. Our multidisciplinary, fully customisable risk profile wizard helps you and your business stakeholders to segment the third-parties and determine their criticality.


Perform third-party risk assessments efficiently

Our platform assists you in dispatching and reviewing self-assessments completed by your third parties. The entire process is designed for simplificty and automation, making it more efficient and less time-consuming. It ensures that you have a thorough understanding of the risks associated with each third party, enabling you to make informed decisions.


Ensure risks mitigation and compliance

Our platform is designed to facilitate effective and efficient remediation. It guides you through following up on findings and resolving issues that arise with your third parties. It ensures that any identified risks are addressed promptly and efficiently, helping you to keep your organisation secure, sustainable and compliant. The platform simplifies the task of managing remediation processes, making it easier to keep track of progress and ensure that necessary actions are taken.


Monitor third-party risks in real-time

Continual monitoring is key in third-party risk management, and our platform excels in this area. It keeps a constant watch over your third parties, tracking news updates, changes in financial credit ratings, or any cyber incidents that may affect them. This real-time monitoring allows you to take timely action and effectively mitigate potential risks. With this feature, you stay one step ahead, ensuring that you are always informed about any significant changes or events that could impact your organisation and third-party relationships.


Get actionable insights and better decisions

With user-friendly dashboards and intuitive interfaces, it makes the process of creating, viewing, and analysing reports straightforward and efficient. The platform enables you to instantly access detailed reports on the risk status, compliance levels, and performance of your third parties. These branded reports are designed for clarity, focusing on actionable insights that help you understand the risk landscape and make informed decisions.

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Our platform modules

Risk management: One integrated risk register for all internal risk disciplines

Register internal and external risks. Link risks to a specific third-party, internal control(s) and/or location within your organisation. Follow the ISO 31000 best-practice workflow containing of risk identification, assessment, treatment and monitoring. Use the interactive risk matrix to easily filter different risk disciplines and scores.

Third-party management: All your third-party information centralised and connected

One integrated register for all your third parties. Register multiple contracts per third-party. Assign risk profiles to segment your landscape, taking into account multiple risk domains such as cybersecurity, sustainability and compliance. Connect with your procurement system to retrieve and enrich your supplier data.

Compliance management: Obtain a full overview of all your internal and external compliance requirements

One integrated register for all your internal & external compliance requirements Use it to manage compliance requirements for security, sustainability, privacy, legal, quality and many others. Define a specific scope & applicability per compliance requirement and link them to one or more assessment questionnaires. Monitor compliance in real-time.

Assessment management: Third-party self-assessment activities streamlined and automated

Integrate the different third-party assessment efforts of all your risk and compliance disciplines. Combine questionnaires from different risk disciplines into one third-party assessment. Suppliers log in to a secure supplier portal in which they can collaborate and provide their evidence. Our AI-powered review module makes an initial analysis.

Real-time monitoring: Instantly receive alerts about your third-parties and follow-up efficiently and effectively

Continuously monitor your third-parties in 2 million news sources and receive instant alerts on negative news articles. Activate our out-of-the-box integrations with BitSight, SecurityScorecard, Ecovadis, Refinitif and many others to retrieve your third-parties' security, sustainability, financial or compliance risks ratings in one central overview.

Action plan management: Assign action plans to internal stakeholders and third-parties and track follow-up

Consolidate remediation actions across all internal teams and third-parties within a unified action plan repository. Assign ownership through our platform and Microsoft Teams. Set and adjust timelines for each action, with reminders to keep progress on track via our platform's virtual officer, e-mail and Teams. Visual indicators offer status updates, simplifying oversight.

Internal control: Register internal controls and efficiently conduct control self-assessments

Assign controls to internal stakeholders and third-parties. Schedule control self-assessments according to your internal control planning. Indicate the level of testing per control or in bulk. Report on progress, control performance and action plans. Includes a control heart beat which indicates the performance of controls over time.

Managed service: Outsource TPRM to one of our partners and benefit from their scale, expertise and global reach

For organisations with limited time or resources for third-party risk management, we have formed partnerships with esteemed experts in the field. These partners can fully manage the entire third-party risk management process for you, encompassing risk profiling, due diligence, and real-time monitoring, by using our fit-for-purpose platform. Schedule a conversation.

Generic features

Our cloud-based risk platform is designed with the modern organisation in mind. Whether you are a small business just starting to navigate the complexities of third-party relationships or a large enterprise looking to streamline your existing processes, our platform is the go-to option.

Your own virtual assistant within Microsoft Teams

Our platform seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, enabling your internal stakeholders to receive notifications about new tasks and updates directly within their Teams chat conversations. They can even start actions straight from these conversations. Plus, you have the option to use your own mascot as an avatar in Microsoft Teams, adding a personal touch and enhancing user engagement. This feature not only personalises the experience but also streamlines communication, making it easier and more efficient for your colleagues to stay informed and take immediate action.

Advanced user and permission management

Our platform offers a range of pre-defined user roles to simplify your setup process. You have the flexibility to modify the permissions of these roles or create new ones, tailoring them with specific access rights. This includes the ability to define create, read, update, and delete permissions for every element within our platform. Additionally, you can utilise access domains to restrict access to specific stakeholders, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure. User roles and permissions can either be managed directly through our platform or integrated with your central Identity and Access Management system for streamlined access control.

Use your custom domain

Our platform can be set up on your organisation's own website domain. This means your suppliers will get emails from your email domain and be directed to a supplier portal that is part of your (sub)domain. This setup helps maintain a consistent and professional interaction with your suppliers.

Custom branding

Our platform is fully customisable to fit your organisation's brand, including logos, colours, and even the tone of voice. This means everything looks and feels like it's coming directly from your organisation, providing a reliable and professional experience. Custom branding can be applied to the back-end portal, supplier portal, e-mail and reporting templates.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO) through Microsoft Azure or Okta is a pivotal feature of our platform, offering a seamless and secure authentication solution. This simplifies the login process, reduces password fatigue, and enhances security by minimising the risk of password-related breaches. With SSO, we ensure a streamlined user experience while upholding the highest standards of data protection and compliance, making it an essential component for efficient risk management.

Customer stories

Why we stand out

Our platform distinguishes itself through an unique focus on (third-party) risk management in combination with its powerful features and capabilities.

#1. Smart risk platform

Our platform is designed to centralise all risk and compliance operations activities, offering a one-stop solution from regulatory adherence to supplier risk management.

#2. Best-practice blueprints

Avoid lengthy implementations. Kick-start your initiatives with our best-practice configurations that are customisable to meet your specific use-cases and requirements.

#3. Built for collaboration

Foster teamwork and engagement with internal teams and third-parties through our secure collaboration environment. All communication streams remain contained within the platform.

#4. Seamless integrations

Streamline your operations by seamlessly integrating both internal and external data feeds within the 3rdRisk platform, and take advantage of our ready-to-use API integrations for automation.

#5. Intuitive user interface

Navigate through our platform effortlessly with a user-friendly interface that makes managing risks and compliance straightforward and efficient, both for internal and external stakeholders.

#6. Real-time monitoring

Stay updated with evolving internal and external risks through our advanced dashboard and monitoring features. From adverse media to security ratings, get real-time, actionable insights.