All-in-one risk platform

One platform to confidently run your risk operations.

At 3rdRisk, we provide an all-in-one platform that streamlines third-party risk and compliance operations, enabling you to focus on identifying and mitigating risks with ease and confidence.

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Our platform modules

Third-party risk

Multidisciplinary third-party risk management

Gain a thorough understanding of your third-party relationships (e.g. suppliers, agents, customers) from a multidisciplinary perspective. From custom due diligence assessments to continuous monitoring, this module empowers you to make well-informed decisions that enhance your operational resilience and protect your organisational interests.

Internal control

Internal control modernised

Modernise and streamline your organisation's internal control framework with our compliance module. At its core, it provides a structured approach to the identification, assessment, and management of internal controls, ensuring your operational processes are robust, compliant, and aligned with your organisational objectives.


Centralise compliance

Centralise and streamline your compliance processes. Our compliance module aids in mitigating legal and reputational risks, ensuring that your business operations align with international standards and regulations. Additionally, this module helps ensure that your third-parties adhere to essential compliance requirements, such as sanctions and politically exposed persons (PEP) checks.

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Key features

Smart risk platform

Our platform is designed to centralise all risk and compliance activities, offering a one-stop solution from regulatory adherence to supplier risk management.

Best-practice blueprints

Avoid lengthy implementations but kick-start your activities with our best-practice configurations that are customisable to meet your specific use-cases.


Foster better teamwork and engagement with internal teams and third-parties through our secure collaboration environment.


Streamline your operations by seamlessly integrating both internal and external data feeds within the 3rdRisk environment, and take advantage of our ready-to-use API integrations for effortless automation.

Intuitive user interface

Navigate through our platform effortlessly with a user-friendly interface that makes managing risks and compliance straightforward and efficient.

Dynamic risk monitoring

Stay updated with evolving risks through our advanced dashboard and monitoringfeatures.

Bram Ketting

CEO at 3rdRisk 

As a former risk officer, I have experienced firsthand the challenges posed by spreadsheets and rigid GRC platforms. That is precisely why we founded 3rdRisk — to offer a more intuitive, flexible, and cost-effective alternative for today's modern risk professionals.

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