Internal control

Gain control, boost engagement and save time.

Our Internal Control module is a pragmatic and intuitive solution designed to simplify internal control, engage teams and deliver real-time insights for decisive management. Dive into a world where risk management and internal control are seamlessly integrated into your daily operations, enabling you to uphold the highest standards of operational excellence and compliance.

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A pragmatic solution loaded with intuitive features.

Manage all frameworks from one single platform

Centralise your compliance management within a singular, integrated environment crafted to address both internal and external requirements. Our technology streamlines the compliance process, eliminating redundancy and simplifying governance.

Get real-time insight into your risks and controls

Stay ahead with live dashboards that offer immediate visibility into your risk landscape and control environment. Empower management to make informed decisions with data that's always current and accessible.

Keep track of all open issues and action plans

Ensure oversight of all pending issues and action plans. Our platform's virtual officer actively engages stakeholders to meet critical deadlines. The tracking module guarantees that every item is closely monitored and driven to completion efficiently.

Follow intuitive workflows in multiple languages

Engage with our platform's user-friendly workflows, designed for simplicity and available in multiple languages, to ensure a seamless experience for all users.

Engage stakeholders and drive collaboration

Enhance enterprise collaboration using our platform’s array of in-platform chat and communication tools, including seamless integration with Microsoft Teams. This facilitates real-time dialogue and engagement, encouraging stakeholders to take prompt action and maintain momentum towards collective goals

Achieve results in just a couple of weeks

Implement our solution with speed eand ease, thanks to our best practice blueprints and content. Achieve the first results in a matter of weeks, driving your organisation forward with rapid, measurable progress.

Technology as a time-saver

ROI Calculator

Our technology significantly reduces the time you spend on tasks that would normally be time-consuming, especially when compared to the traditional spreadsheet approach. With the calculator provided below, you can easily estimate the amount of time you will save by utilising our internal control technology.

Your situation

Provide the number of (sub)controls and the average testing frequency per control on a yearly basis.

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Annual hours saved

Manage all compliance requirements from one platform
Get real-time insight into your risks and controls
Intuitive, easy-to-follow workflows in multiple languages
Engage stakeholders through our Microsoft Teams integration
Effortlessly be up and running in just a few weeks


We are different

At 3rdRisk, we do things differently. Through our people-first approach and personal touch, we are able to deliver smart and user-friendly solutions that enable audit, risk and compliance professionals to be successful, both today and tomorrow.


3rdRisk is a Dutch tech company with a strong European profile. Our data is residing in Germany, and we exclusively use European sub-processors. Our partner network has a global coverage.


We develop our technology in collaboration with our customers and partners. Our customers have significant influence on our roadmap. We do a lot of co-development together with our customers and partners.

People first

We place the human at the center of everything what we do. That's why we create technology that works intuitively, looks sleek and thinks along with you. Our technology has been designed by subject matter experts and is based on renowned international standards.

Quick results

Say goodbye to long, drawn-out software implementations. Our intuitive onboarding process ensures you hit the ground running. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and allows you to be in control within just a few days.

Joost van Beijsterveld

Customer Success

“As former internal auditor, I have experienced the strength of 3rdRisk's internal control module at first-hand. The workflows are very intuitive and save internal stakeholders a lot of time and frustration compared to spreadsheets or rigid GRC solutions. It's a time saver and engagement booster!"

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