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Our use-case solutions

Our third-party risk platform offers tailored solutions designed for specific use cases.

Working with 3rdRisk 
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Use case solutions

Solutions by use cases

Third-party risk management

Our cloud-based platform simplifies and automates third-party risk management, enhancing engagement with both suppliers and internal stakeholders.

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Supply chain risk management

Our cloud-based risk platform is designed to support risk and compliance professionals with managing supply chain risks.

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Internal control

Our cloud-based risk platform is designed to simplify internal control testing, engage teams and deliver real-time insights for decisive management. Regardless of whether controls are carried out by third parties or internal teams, our platform ensures a streamlined, efficient experience.

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Managed service

Are you looking to maintain control over your third-party risks without the burden of managing them directly? Our solution partners with a range of experts who leverage our platform to comprehensively manage these risks on your behalf. Just as effective, yet more efficient.

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Save time and reduce costs

Thanks to automation, AI and smart workflows, 3rdRisk users save an average of 140 hours per 10 third-party assessments compared to traditional spreadsheet approaches. This quickly translates to a savings of 7 FTEs when more than 1000 assessments are sent out. That's easily earned, isn't it?

Below are some figures that apply per third-party assessment:

- 8 hrs

Design & Configure assessments 

+ 14%

Response rate

- 53 days

Response performance

- 6 hrs

Review & assess assessment

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