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Protiviti and 3rdRisk announce partnership

Jelle Groenendaal
Jelle Groenendaal
December 7, 2023
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Protiviti and 3rdRisk announce partnership


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Today, Protiviti the Netherlands and 3rdRisk, a Dutch risk management tech company, proudly announce their partnership. As a consulting partner, Protiviti will team up with 3rdRisk to solve third-party risk management and internal control challenges.

Maarten Schreuder, Associate Director of Protiviti the Netherlands, commented on the collaboration, stating: “In today’s complex business landscape, the importance for internal control and third-party risk management has never been higher. Protiviti and 3rdRisk are joining forces to optimally support their clients with these challenges. This collaboration combines Protiviti's leading expertise, global reach, and scalability with the cutting-edge technology of 3rdRisk.”

Bram Ketting, CEO and co-founder of 3rdRisk added: “Technology is often only a part of the solution. Beyond technology, our clients frequently seek advice on their internal control environment and third-party risk management program. I am proud that we are now collaborating with such a renowned firm as Protiviti. Due to this partnership, we can now fully take care of our customers' needs. On one hand, with the expertise and experience of Protiviti, and on the other, with our user-friendly technology.”

Maarten Schreuder continued: “3rdRisk's technology stands out in user-friendliness, the numerous integrations such as with Microsoft Teams, and the way it involves stakeholders in the organisation in internal control and risk management activities. At 3rdRisk, they aim to make risk and internal control activities more enjoyable, and I strongly support that mission.”

Maarten Schreuder, Protiviti.

For more information about the partnership or to learn more about the solutions being offered, please contact us.

Jelle Groenendaal
Co-founder & CMO

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