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We have achieved SOC-2 Type II at 3rdRisk

Jelle Groenendaal
Jelle Groenendaal
September 20, 2023
0 min read
We have achieved SOC-2 Type II at 3rdRisk


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We've got some exciting news to share. Our team at 3rdRisk has successfully achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance. This isn't just a badge for us; it's proof of our dedication to keeping our customer data secure and our operations transparent.

SOC 2 Type II reflects the hard work our team puts in every day and our genuine commitment to doing right for our customers. Thank you for trusting us. We're on this journey together, and we promise to keep your data's security and integrity at the forefront of what we do.

For continious insight into the security status of our control environment, please go to our security page or our Trust Center powered by Drata.

For any questions, please feel free to reach out to me or one of my team members.

3rdRisk achieved SOC-2.
Jelle Groenendaal
Co-founder & CMO

“Aside from large corporations such as ING Bank or KBC, we value contributing to the bigger picture. That’s why we’re currently supporting The Ocean Cleanup project with our technology"

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Jelle Groenendaal