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How to drive full adoption of risk and internal control?

Jelle Groenendaal
July 3, 2024
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Are you working in internal control and risk management and still using spreadsheets, then you'll probably recognize the following frustrations: 

  • It's time-consuming to analyze assessments and reports and evaluate the impact
  • Your data is scattered in different tools and need to be gathered by people to work with it
  • Risk management & compliance is done in silos, scattered over people and teams
  • There is internal resistance to testing activities and other compliance processes
  • You need to chase colleagues for accountability.
  • It’s challenging to involve people from all levels in risk management. 

Recognizable? Then the way you manage risk and internal control is outdated and inefficient.

That’s why we host a live session together with HEMA, where we show you how you can improve & simplify your risk and internal control processes, increase internal adoption and engagement, and identify and reduce risks with confidence. 

The agenda: 

  • The importance of risk and internal control for retailers
  • Risk management challenges in the retail industry
  • How HEMA drives the adoption of risk management and internal control in their organization
  • How 3rdRisk plays a crucial role in effectively managing risks for HEMA 
  • Room for questions

Do you want to stay resilient, protect your brand reputation, meet compliance requirements, and optimize operational efficiency? Secure your spot today.

Practical information

📅 When? Tuesday July 30 / 3PM CEST 

💻 Where? Online

Register now via the link and secure your free spot! 🚀

Jelle Groenendaal
Co-founder & CMO

“Aside from large corporations such as ING Bank or KBC, we value contributing to the bigger picture. That’s why we’re currently supporting The Ocean Cleanup project with our technology"

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Jelle Groenendaal