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Rethinking third-party risk management

Bram Ketting
May 16, 2024
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Necessary evil or strategic advantage?

Join our webinar! 🎥 Are you experienced or new to third-party cyber risk management and eager to learn from industry experts? We have partnered with the SECO-Institute to bring you an insightful webinar on the fundamentals of third-party risk management.

Bart van Es from Trymax Semiconductors will share his journey to third-party cyber resilience, highlighting how effective third-party risk management can lead to tangible business benefits. Don't miss this opportunity to strengthen your third-party cyber resilience.




  • 14:00: Welcome by Jasper Lazet from SECO-Institute
  • 14:05: Presentation by Bart van Es from Trymax
  • 14:50: Q&A Session moderated by 3rdRisk
  • 15:15: Closing remarks and upcoming webinars

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Bram Ketting
Co-founder & CEO

“Aside from large corporations such as ING Bank or KBC, we value contributing to the bigger picture. That’s why we’re currently supporting The Ocean Cleanup project with our technology"

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Bram Ketting