Third-party risk management

Simplify, automate, and optimise.

In today’s interconnected business landscape, effectively managing third-party risks is more crucial than ever. With 3rdRisk's Third-Party Risk Management module, you gain the technology to navigate these complex challenges effortlessly. Our intuitive platform enables you to confidently assess, monitor, and mitigate risks associated with your external partnerships, ensuring your organisation not only stays secure and compliant but also aligns with sustainable business practices.

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Combine insights from various disciplines like cybersecurity, sustainability, continuity, legal, and IT, to provide a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of your third-party risks and compliance adherence.

Due diligence

Streamline your due diligence activities with best practice templates or create your own. Utilise a secure due diligence portal equipped with automatic review capabilities, making the assessment proces of third parties efficient and reliable.

Real-time risk monitoring

Monitor your third parties continuously across various risk domains such as financial, cyber, adverse media, sustainability, and compliance. Get comprehensive visibility into potential risks and ensure you can proactively act on emerging issues and incidents.

AI analyser

Automate assessment and review activities, including SOC1/2 report analysis, using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Our AI Analyser simplifies complex data interpretation, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in risk evaluation.

Dashboard and reports

Gain insights into your third-party risk landscape through a clear and intuitive dashboard. This feature offers detailed reporting tools, making it easier to understand and communicate risk statuses and trends effectively.

Action plan tracker

Ensure effective risk mitigation at your third parties. Get robust tracking and management of remediation actions to enhancing your overall risk posture.

Technology as a time-saver

ROI Calculator

Our technology significantly reduces the time you spend on tasks that would normally be time-consuming, especially when compared to the traditional spreadsheet approach. With the calculator provided below, you can easily estimate the amount of time you will save by utilising our TPRM module.

Your situation

Provide the number of third parties and the number of assessments you want to send out per third-party.

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Annual hours saved compared to a spreadsheet approach

Multidisciplinary platform for cyber, sustainability, legal, etc.
AI powered automatic analysis of assessments and evidence
Intuitive, easy-to-follow workflows in multiple languages
Continious adverse media monitoring of your supply chain
Effortlessly be up and running in just a few weeks


Why 3rdRisk

At 3rdRisk, we do things differently. Through our people-first approach and personal touch, we are able to deliver smart and user-friendly solutions that enable audit, risk and compliance professionals to be successful, both today and tomorrow.


3rdRisk is a Dutch tech company with a strong European profile. Our data is residing in Germany, and we exclusively use European sub-processors. Our partner network has a global coverage.


We develop our technology in collaboration with our customers and partners. Our customers have significant influence on our roadmap. We do a lot of co-development together with our customers and partners.

People first

We place the human at the center of everything what we do. That's why we create technology that works intuitively, looks sleek and thinks along with you. Our technology has been designed by subject matter experts and is based on renowned international standards.

Quick results

Say goodbye to long, drawn-out software implementations. Our intuitive onboarding process ensures you hit the ground running. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and allows you to be in control within just a few days

Bram Ketting

CEO at 3rdRisk 

“We understand the complexities of third-party relationships. Our technology is designed to simplify and automate this complex world, giving risk professionals the power to act swiftly and to confidently report.”

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