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Smooth implementation, enhanced execution. 

Forget expensive and lengthy implementations. Our platform is designed to be smart, flexible, and quick to set up. Easily configure your environment, drag and drop your structure, and get started swiftly. With 3rdRisk, transitioning to a robust risk management solution is straightforward and fast, allowing you to say goodbye to your spreadsheet approach or rigid GRC system.

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Seamless implementation.
How it works:


Discovery and planning

We begin by understanding your organisation's specific needs, existing processes, and desired outcomes. Based on that analysis, we develop a personalised implementation plan, outlining the steps, timeline, and resources required.


Configuration and integration

Customisation of the 3rdRisk platform is done to align with your organisational processes and compliance requirements. Additionally, we ensure a seamless integration of 3rdRisk with your existing systems, including Microsoft Teams for enhanced collaboration.



Comprehensive training is provided to ensure your team is well-equipped to leverage the full potential of the 3rdRisk platform. This encompasses onboarding sessions, tutorials, and access to learning resources.


Support and optimisation

Ongoing support is offered to ensure a successful implementation, alongside continuous optimization of the platform to meet your evolving needs and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Key implementation resources

We leverage a variety of resources to ensure that the transition to our platform is as seamless as possible. 

Whether it is through the provision of solution blueprints, due-diligence templates, or seamless integrations with other systems, we aim to provide a well-rounded toolkit to facilitate a streamlined implementation process.


Solution blue-prints


Due-diligence best practice templates


European compliance frameworks



Janneke Coopmans
"Thanks to 3rdRisk's technology, risk management and the execution of controls have become something for the entire organisation. Our stakeholders in the business are now much more involved in executing and testing controls. Risk awareness has improved. That's a huge gain."
Farida Fouad
de Bijenkorf
"You don't need any training at all to understand the 3rdRisk platform. Everything is self-explanatory. Moreover, it looks very intuitive and sleek – it feels as though it's a tool that has been specially developed for de Bijenkorf."
Nick DeFreitas
"The implementation felt like a true partnership. It seemed as if we extended our team to include you, and you took on the majority of the work, guiding us every step of the way. Your support was invaluable in helping us succeed”
Sem J. de Spa
"3rdRisk is genuinely an innovative technology scale-up. They've tailored their platform to match the real needs of the end users. Its integrations and design make the system navigation easy and fun, which is unique for risk and compliance technology."
Dave van Gulik
Trust Alliance
"3rdRisk is our go-to platform for risk and compliance management. Why? Because it's based on the latest standards in our field, highly flexible, intuitive, and pleasant to work with, and very accessible to our clients, from multinationals to large SMEs."


We do things differently

We depart from the traditional GRC and technology provision paradigm to offer a superior, user-centric experience. Here is how we differentiate ourselves:

Best-practice blueprints

We begin with best-practice blueprints to kickstart your implementation, setting a strong foundation for success right from the start.

Ready-to-use content

We go beyond merely providing technology. By integrating high-quality content, we deliver solutions that jumpstart your journey towards improved risk management and compliance.

Easy adoption

Our platform is designed with an intuitive user interface that minimises the learning curve, requiring limited user training to get your team up and running quickly.

Fixed price

No hidden costs or surprise charges. Our fixed price model ensures transparency and certainty in your investment, making budget management simpler and more predictable.


6 weeks implementation

We have an average timeframe of just 6 weeks from initiation to go-live.

No certifications

Our platform is designed with such an intuitive interface that the need for certifications is eliminated.

Custom integrations in 5 days

Custom integrations are efficiently handled by our internal development team with an average turnaround time of 5 days, demonstrating our capability to swiftly adapt the platform to your specific needs.

Dedicated customer success

You will be paired with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will guide and support you throughout the implementation phase, ensuring a personalised and seamless experience.

No budget overrun

With our fixed price model, you can plan your budget with confidence, knowing that there won’t be any hidden costs or surprise charges during the implementation phase.

5 star reviews

We consistently receive excellent feedback for our implementation process, reflecting the satisfaction and positive experience of our clients.

Trusted by top brands

Bram Ketting

CEO at 3rdRisk 

“Aside from large corporations 

such as ING Bank, we value contributing to the bigger picture. That’s why we’re currently supporting The Ocean Cleanup project with our technology, 

helping them create a brighter tomorrow”

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