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How to Improve Your Network and Information Security (NIS-2) Compliance

Jelle Groenendaal | Chief Product Owner

As a Chief Risk Officer (CRO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Risk Leader, or Head of Compliance, you may be overwhelmed with the task of managing your organization’s Network and Information Security (NIS-2) compliance. Regulatory compliance is critical to your company’s success, and it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity trends. You need an effective system in place that will help you manage supply chain risks, conduct due diligence, and ensure continuity and privacy. Fortunately, there are solutions available that can make this process simpler and more efficient.

What is the NIS-2 Directive?

The NIS-2 Directive is Europe’s network and information security regulation. This regulation requires organizations to take measures to protect their networks and information systems from cyberattacks. It also sets out requirements for ensuring the integrity of digital services provided by 'important' companies operating in the European Union. Additionally, it requires companies to have a robust system of internal controls in place so that they can effectively manage their supply chain risks. It's important to note that the NIS-2 directive is currently being transposed into the national laws of individual EU member states. This means that each country will have to embed the directive's requirements into their own legislation, and ensure that it is enforced effectively.

The Benefits of the NIS-2 Directive

There are many benefits to implementing the NIS-2 directive at your company. For one thing, it will help you comply with all applicable (local) laws and regulations more easily. This is especially important if your business operates in multiple countries or across different regions of Europe. Additionally, by strengthening your network and information security measures, you will be better able to protect yourself from cyberattacks as well as other types of malicious activity, such as data theft or fraud. Finally, having an effective system in place for managing third-party risks will enable you to minimize any potential damage caused by disruptions or delays in your supply chain operations.

Responsible Business Practices

In addition to meeting strict legal requirements, having a strong system for managing third-party risk also reflects positively on your company’s reputation as a responsible business leader. Adopting sustainable practices when it comes to corporate sustainability due diligence shows that you are serious about protecting your customers’ data as well as ensuring that you are taking steps to reduce environmental impact wherever possible. By doing so, you can demonstrate that your company values ethical practices just as much as legal compliance – something which customers appreciate.

Replacing Spreadsheets with Scalable Solutions

Traditionally, organizations have relied on spreadsheets for regulatory compliance in relation to third-party risk. While spreadsheets might seem like a quick fix, they are inefficient when it comes to tracking large amounts of data over long periods of time. They also lack features such as real-time monitoring and automated tasks, which can save time and money in the long run. This is why many organizations have begun replacing their outdated spreadsheet processes with more sophisticated technology solutions.

Technology Solutions for NIS-2 Compliance

Organizations need a system that can track data in real-time while also providing automated tasks for better efficiency. Technology solutions such as the 3rdRisk platform offer companies the ability to monitor their third-party ecosystem for potential threats, detect issues quickly, mitigate risks before they become a problem, provide insights into trends over time, and maintain secure records for audit trails. These systems are designed to simplify compliance tasks so that organizations can focus on strategic objectives instead of constantly worrying about (the upcoming) NIS-2 compliance requirements.

Benefits of using technology for NIS-2 Compliance

Using technology solutions is beneficial because it allows organizations to scale their operations while still maintaining tight control over their cyber security posture. Additionally, these types of systems provide real-time monitoring so that any potential issues can be identified quickly before they become major problems or costly incidents occur. Finally, these systems allow companies to save time by automating mundane tasks such as record keeping or auditing, which would otherwise require manual labor or tedious spreadsheet work.


By using technology solutions, such as 3rdRisk's risk management platform, specifically designed for NIS-2 compliance purposes, organizations gain greater control over their ecosystem security posture while also freeing up resources for other strategic initiatives. With the right system in place, companies can ensure regulatory compliance without sacrificing valuable resources or compromising customer privacy and data security measures. This type of solution offers an efficient way to manage NIS-2 compliance requirements while still maintaining high standards for cyber security best practices within your organization.

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